AGM Minutes


11th NOVEMBER 2020


  1. Apologies – Zoe Godley, Jane Chivers

Present – Rachel Mathews, Samantha Askew, Lucy Jordan, Vicky Pears, Christine Shepherd, Philip Lewis-Ogden, Sheila and Jenni Kuehnle, Fran Ackerley, Jackie Snow, Margaret, Dawn, Gilly B, Rachael Smith, Lisa

Minutes of previous AGM – agreed as correct.

Matters arising – nil

Chairman’s address – Jackie thanked everyone for their attendance and the committee for their had work and commitment over the last 12 months. With great sadness Rachel Mathews will be stepping down from her role as Club Secretary. She was thanked for all her hard work over the last 4 years and on behalf of the committee Jackie wished her all the best for the future. Lucy Jordan was welcomed to the committee – nominated by Jackie and seconded by multiple committee members.  Jackie recapped the year which started well with training but early set-back of the senior show-jumping qualifier having to be re-arranged due to Storm Dennis. This meant EVRC members had to ‘step up’ to provide help at a not so local venue – this they did and the committee would like to thank all that volunteered. The junior team were able to travel down for the arena eventing championship acquiring a team placing of 9th despite being a team member down. The week after the club and country went into lockdown. In an attempt to keep members engaged EVRC launched there first virtual dressage, with success. Another was planned, but unfortunately BD put a stop to this. We also had our showing show – placing responsibility on our chair to judge the many entries. With lockdown easing we re-started training in June in the new ‘COVID safe’ style. We hoped we would be able to move onwards and upwards to team qualifiers. Unfortunately at the 12th hour these were cancelled and the second lockdown commenced, leaving the club back as we were in Spring.Treaurer’s report – this will be forwarded to those that are interested. Total income £7584.19, expenditure £6012.33 = profit £1571.86. Nat west account £4974.46 Lloyds account £3595.48 (£8569.96 total) – these have now been merged to the Nat. West Account only. Training income has reversed the previous downward trend in club finances.

Membership – membership numbers = 84. This is similar to previous years, although concerns were raised that the cancellation of qualifiers by BRC May adversely affect this next year. It was agreed to maintain the current membership fee of £30, despite the membership of BRC increasing.

                        7.    Team report

Teams have been affected, like every aspect of our lives this year. The club were so organised, ready and prepared for the Area 4 Qualifiers. Training was organised to select club teams, Zoe did a brilliant job booking venues and coaches for jump training starting straight after Christmas at Willitoft and later at Bishop Burton. We entered seniors and juniors teams in 70, 80, 90 and 100 classes. Unfortunately the weekend coincided with Hurricane Denis and the forecast was for severe gales on the Sunday. Saturday was the day the juniors competed along with riders in the 100 and 110cm mixed classes.

Sunday’s jumping had to be postponed and was rescheduled unfortunately, with a change of venue and format. Competitors travelled to Moorhouse to compete, which was a challenge not only to park but to navigate around an incredibly small indoor space!!


Junior 70cm team 4th

Millie Harris  (7th   individually )

Hannah Wainright

Isla Murdock

Evie Beastall

Junior 80cm team 4th

Julian Brittenden ( 7th  Individually )

Keeley Nundy

Millie Hunter Boldan

Mixed 100cm 

Adele Barlow ( 11th Individually )

Mixed 110cm

Emma Savage (9th individually)

Senior 70cm Team

Emma Leak (8th individually)

Sam Askew

Jackie Snow

Senior 80cm Team

Rachael Smith

Vicky Pears

Senior 90cm

Sarah Hunt (individually 7th)

March 8th Combined Training and Style Jumping

The Juniors again were a credit to Ebor Vale coming first

Millie Harris ( 1st)

Natasha Fieldsend (3rd)

Millie Hunter Boldan (3rd)

Keeley Nundy (2nd)

The Seniors came over all 2nd

Jackie Snow (9th)

Dawn young (1st)

Rachael Lakin Smith (8th)

Marie Spillane (2nd)

Junior Style jumping


Natasha Fieldsend (1st)

Millie harris (5th)


Keeley Nundy (2nd)

Millie Hunter Boldan (3rd)

Senior Style Jumping


Emma Leak (8th)


Vicky Pears (1st)

Marie Spillane (9th)

Had the Championships run both Junior and Senior Combined Traing Teams would have gone to Aston Le Walls and Natasha Fieldsend and Vicky Pears would have competed at Lincoln.

Fortunately the Junior Arena Eventing team consisting of Millie Harris, Millie Hunter Boldan and Keeley Nundy managed to attend the Championships at Aston Le Walls and managed to achieve a team 9th place. An excellent result considering they were a team of 3!!

It was August before Area Qualifiers were back up and running, although in a limited Covid safe way and as a result the DTM only ran individual Music classes.

DTM Results

Senior Novice

Samantha Askew(5th)

Nicki Grainger

Jan Young (6th)

Jackie Snow(7th)

That concluded the BRC Area and Championship competitions for 2020 as the Winter Novice and Intermediate dressage and Arena Eventing qualifiers had to be postponed due to Covid 19

Training – the club has been able to offer a lot of training this year. This has yet again proved to be very popular with the members. We have used a number of different trainers. The team training has also been very well attended. Flatwork and pole work clinics have worked well, but jumping is a little more tricky to accommodate preferred times/heights/friendship groups but is a work in progress. We are optimistic we will be able to resume training after the lockdown ends. Currently the next scheduled training is Tuesday 15th December, but we will wait to ensure restrictions are lifted before opening this for booking.

AOB – The committee was formally reconvened. Sheila was also welcomed to the committee. The committee took the opportunity to thank Jackie for her work as chairperson.