It’s another dark soggy day and it seems like we have had nonstop rain for weeks, the daylight is disappearing fast and it’s becoming more of a challenge to ride if you have family and if you work full or even part time.

We all need to have a goal to help motivate ourselves and mine is to compete Wispa in a Prelim dressage test, first we have to crack canter and to gain more experience at jumping so that we can compete in the Area 4 combine training qualifier at Bishop Burton early next year.

Sunday 20th October saw a number of EVRC members compete at Bishop Burton at the Area 4
Qualifier and I think everyone will agree a good time was had by all.There were some fabulous results and quite a few frillies presented to club members.             

If you are interested in representing the club at Area 4 competitions please look at our FB page and take note of the dates and venues of the Qualifiers. The next one is the Arena eventing at Richmond and we have a 70cm mixed team and some individuals preparing to compete. 


Junior Intermediate Ind 

Sophie Sadler P14 1st

Junior Novice Team

Sophie Sadler, Evie Beastall, Millie Harris, Eleanoe Messer. Team 4th

Senior Ind Intr A

Jackie Snow 2nd

Senior Novice Ind

Rachel Matthews and Becky Whiteley

Senior Novice Team

Jenny Kuehule P7 Ist Rachael Smith P12 3rd Adele Barlow and Sam Askew. Team 9th

Senior Intermediate Ind

Kate Stringer P14 6th Becky Whiteley

Senior Intermediate Team

Lucy Jordan P14 6th Rachel Matthews N30 7th, Adele Barlow N34 9th Team 8th.

Well done all!!!!

Sophie Sadler riding  Jo’s High Flyer finishing in 2nd place in P14 on a score of 70.96%

Training is going very well and proving to be popular. Lately we’ve had Sue Joy for flat work and Adele for grid work. Thank goodness we have the lovely facilities of Thornton House Farm to use when the weather is so set on being so very unpredictable.

Thursday 14th November AGM

Our annual AGM is being held at THF at 7.30pm in the gallery area. It is going to be an evening of reflection on 2018/19, of the many successes our team competitors have achieved, what the club is offering to the members and what you would like to be included in the diary next year.

The committee, apart from a few changes, will remain the same but we would welcome anyone who would like to join us. It would be lovely to have someone to help Sam with social activities, or pleasure/ social or beach rides. If you are interested please message one of the committee or speak to one of us.

I look forward to seeing lots of you Thursday!!!

Jackie (Chair)