Dear members,

As many of you may know a meeting was held on Thursday 7th March to discuss the future of EVRC. It was attended by a group who feel loyal and passionate about the club, many have been members for a long time. The group decided to form a new committee and the elected officers are as follows

  • Chair             Jackie Snow
  • Treasurer             Christine Shepherd and Margaret Hope
  • Membership      Dawn Young
  • Secretary             Rachel Matthews
  • Training Rachael Smith
  • Teams Zoe Nundy
  • Show secretary Fran Ackerley
  • Social events Sam Askew/ David Fielding
  • Safeguarding Officer Philip Lewis-Ogden
  • Website/ Area 4 liaison Lisa Fieldsend
  • Committee members Jeanne Wilson/ Chris Freear

Now we need to keep this momentum going and that involves every single riding club member. We want to deliver a variety of activities that will appeal and include everyone. In order to deliver these activities we need to know firstly what you want and then with members support and help we will endeavour to organise them.

I am keen to see more social events being organised so that we can come together informally and get to know one another. If you have any ideas or thoughts on trainers, demonstrations, different equestrian activities or even trips away please drop us a text or email and let us know.

I am excited about the positively that was generated from the newly elected committee, now we need you as members to support your club and make it the success I know it can be.