How have we got to the longest day already? It’s sad to think the daylight hours will be getting shorter from now on.

Here is a roundup of what has been happening at the club over the last couple of months

Training in May was very busy, Zoe organised 2 jumping sessions with Russ Underwood and they have proved to be popular with members. He certainly knows how to motivate riders and get the very best out of them.

Rachael organised a poles session with Amanda Snowdon at the club field and again everyone went away with a smile on their face having set their own personal goals and achieving them. May also saw the first of our Clear round jumping evenings where members only come to the field and are able to spend time going over fences at their chosen heights. It is very affordable and Sheila and Jenni are on hand to help and encourage.

On the 16th May EVRC held their first Pleasure ride! Superbly organised by Tania. It was the most lovely morning seeing groups of riders chatting away having a social while riding their ponies around Everingham. We will most definitely hold another one as it was enjoyed by everyone.


EVRC Dressage Show 23rd May

Intro A 

1st Jackie Snow 66.08%

2nd Tilly Pilkington 64.50%

3rd Sarah Pilkington63.91%

Prelim 1

1st Rachel Matthews 69.36%

2nd Jackie Snow 63.16%

3rd Olivia Rogers 63.15%


!st Emma Leak 70.21%

2nd Emma Leak 68.92%

3rd Samantha A 60.43%

June’s Events

Clear round jumping again was enjoyed by attendees and the progress of horse and riders can clearly be seen from when they start to the end result. Thank you Sheila!!

Training at Underwood’s and at the field again was very popular and it is brilliant we can cater for all abilities. Make sure you all keep an eye out for posts on the EVRC Face Book page for details and get booked in quickly.

A reminder that training fees need to be paid for by BT to Ebor vale RC 

Sort code 54 41 24

Acc 54647908


Dressage Show 13th June

Intro C

1st Fran Ackerley 65.22%

2nd Robyn Strangeways 63.91%

3rd Till Pilkington 63.70%


Robyn Strangeways 68.62%

Charlie 67.93%

Rachel Matthews 64.31%


1st Charlie 70.14%

2nd Fran Ackerley 63.70%

3rd Tilly Pilkington 61.59%

Inter Club Team Dressage

Sunday 27th was a lovely morning of competition when Ebor Vale and White Rose RC riders competed in the inter club team dressage at the club field. Riders looked so smart and all ponies and horses were turned out beautifully. For many it was the first time riding competitively as part of a team and there were visible nerves. Everyone rode brilliantly and it was lovely to see everyone supporting each other.

Individual Results

Intro A

1st Sarah Pilkington 69.78%

2nd Vikki Cheeseman 66.04%

3rd Isobel Fowler 64.78%

Intro B

1st Elaine Smith 65.87%

2nd= Olivia Cheeseman 65.67%                           

2nd= Lauren Paige 65.67%


1st Sandi Draper 65.0%

2nd Andrea Cowey 63.95%

3rd Katie Martin 63.68%


1st Heulwen Donavon 68.62%

2nd caroline Scanlon 67.76%

3rd Sheena Spence 66.21%

Team Results

1st White Rose Roses   5 points

2nd White Rose Daises  8 points

3rd= Ebor vale Pink    9 points

3rd = White Rose Poppies 9 points

5th Ebor Vale Purple  10 points

6th Ebor vale Red  12 points

A massive “Thank you” to our helpers on the day, Lucy and Amy Jordon, Rachael Smith and Elice Wadsworth.

Dates for your Diary

Saturday  July 3rd Area 4 SJ Qualifier at Richmond

Thursday 8th July Clear Round Jumping at the club field

Sunday 11th July Area 4 DTM Qualifier at Manor Grange

Wednesdy 14th July Flatwork/Poles training at club field

Sunday 18th July Area 4 HT Qualifier at Helen Bell’s

Thursday 29th July EVRC Dressage Show at club field.

Before I go I’d just like to reiterate a message that has been mentioned before and it’s about volunteering to help at club and Area 4 events. As a member of EVRC you are expected to offer to help at least once a year at either a club activity or at an Area 4 competition.

The committee do as much as they can and we have a few members who have offered to help at Area 4 Qualifiers. If we are unable to send volunteers to qualifiers then our teams and individuals cannot compete. 

Sheila Kheunle is our volunteer coordinator so please look at the diary dates and get in touch with her to fulfil your membership commitment.